Who we areDonna Powell

Since July 2011, Charleston Doggy Town is lovingly published by Donna Powell, a devoted dog lover in the Charleston community. From the beginning, she received editorial and public relations support from Marcia Livingston and Marylyn Haspel.

The concept for the site was developed by the bench-warmers at the James Island Dogpark. After much researching, investigating, surveying, querying and then getting up off the park bench, the idea for Charleston Doggy Town was developed and refined. Then refined again. Finally, after many more conversations, discussions, arguments and more than one glass of wine, this concept has become a reality.

Our staff also consists of you and the entire dog-appreciating community who encourage us with your deeds, words and actions everyday, as we all seek to love and revere these incredible creatures given to us to treasure.

Our MissionMarcia

Our mission is to provide information on dog activities, services and information that is helpful, pertinent,organized and specific to the Charleston area.

By providing a comprehensive on-line resource, we believe we can help facilitate a virtual and a live community of persons with common cause: loving and caring for our canine companions.

Our Community

Charleston is often called the "Holy City" supposedly because of its proliferation of churches. That may be true, but the plethora of organizations and people dedicated to the care of canines in this area also brings credence to our nickname.

Marylyn Haspel

The amount of dog-owning households in Lowcountry is staggering and the number of groups that support our friends is also huge. From the organized and established facilities to the informal group of dedicated breed lovers, hands and hearts are extended throughout this city to protect and to care for our dogs.

Being a part of a pet family offers enrichment beyond words. To add to that now comes Charleston Doggy Town which will offer a means to reach out quickly and effectively to expand the community.

Join us here, or post at our Social Media sites, hollar at us at the park. Together we will raise the consciousness of the community to the responsibility of being owned by a dog.