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Charleston Doggytown Beauty of the Month: Henry

Henry the Mastiff

Ihave had Henry since he was seven weeks old. He's always been a perfect dog. He was a quiet puppy, easily potty trained, he learned commands very easily. He's always been eager to please, and loyal down to his bones. 

We almost lost him when he was a few months old. He had a growth-plate problem that caused paralysis. He wasn't eating, he couldn't move, it was awful. He was like that for about a week before the vet correctly diagnosed him and put him on steroids.

I'm very grateful that I got to watch him grow. He's going to be four years old in February. He likes stuffed animals. He cuddles them and carries them around but he doesn't pull out the stuffing. He's very careful with his toys. He used to have a Jolly Ball, which is a horse toy, but I took it away because he enjoyed himself a little too much and got hurt tripping over it. Henry the Mastiff

Some cool things about Henry:

  • He loves going anywhere.
  • His favorite place is the James Island dog park.
  • His favorite snack is apples.
  • There's a big dent in our couch from where he likes to lay down. 
  • He's very protective of me. He's not protective of anyone else, and I feel honored, and safe.
  • He was the ring bearer at my wedding. There isn't a tie in the world that would fit around his neck, so he sort of made a tie out of a scarf. 
  • A lot of his whiskers are crooked and that's one of my favorite features about him. That, and his velvet ears. 

That's about it... Henry is a man of simple tastes. He just likes being wherever we are. 

Nikki Cobiella

Did you know?
  • The Mastiff was bred to guard castles
  • Today's Mastiff are bred to be gentle - unlike their ancestors who were quite ferocious
  • They are the largest of dog breeds
  • Prone to joint problems
  • They drool excessively
  • They were the "Original Dogs of War"

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