Adoption Ambassadors

by Courtney Gumienny, Charleston Animal Society

Have you ever fostered in the past and wondered what it would be like to find your foster pet it's new home?
Charleston Animal Society Ambassador Program
Have you ever thought about all of the things you wish you could tell the new adopter about your foster companion?

If so, then consider joining Charleston Animal Society’s new foster program, Adoption Ambassadors.;

As an Adoption Ambassador, you will be an active participant in finding your foster dog a new home. We will give you all the tools needed to market your foster pet, such as an adoptable pet jacket, business cards for your dog, and a county park pass.

Then, we will train you on how to perform an adoption, empowering you to place your foster pet into the perfect home.; Becoming an Adoption Ambassador is easy and it allows more space in the shelter for new animals entering the sheltering system. ;This program is exciting and truly saves!

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email or call me at 843-329-1577

Skippy Goes Home!

This weekend, Skippy met his new owner.

You remember his picture on this page where he was referred to as "The Flying Nun" lookalike. Well, it turns out his precious ears served him well!

His new mom;drove a total of 34 hours;to Charleston from Canada, to meet him!

She learned about Skippy through our Adoption Ambassador postings on Facebook, when she noticed the sparkle in his eyes, she knew he was the perfect dog for her.;



by Gerri, Linn, Brie & Clicquot

Abandoned to the Charleston Animal Society, Brandy (formerly "Tweek") came to us malnourished, with a badly infected mouth.

Eating and drinking was a challenge and also very painful for her. Thru the Foster program, we were provided medication, food and guidance on how to care for her. After only one week, my husband fell in love with her and agreed we could take the next step – ADOPTION – once she was healthy and spayed.

We are so pleased that after 2 months of TLC, she is a healthy, happy, playful girl. Our two Yorkies, Brie and Clicquot, have given her a warm welcome, sharing their toys and sometimes even kisses.

We started Kinder Puppy classes 2 weeks ago. Though she is the smallest in the class, she is learning quickly & getting more comfortable around the other puppies. Wish us luck!

Izzy's TaleCharleston Animal Society Ambassador Program

Written by a Foster Mom:

It’s so hard as fosters when we see such wonderful animals coming through. I couldn’t NOT adopt Izzy (Sissy) after she got along so well with Adele.

She has come out of her shell 300%. She’s put on some weight, her fur is healthier (fish oil helps) since having the puppies, and she is heartworm free! She and her sister Adele are inseparable and pay together morning noon and night!

She’s such a babydoll.. and a mama’s girl.

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