Ask Lady

Lady is a Golden Retriever of a certain age who rescued her mom from a sad life full of predictable routines.

She was dropped off late one hot August night, by a rescue transporter. She had no known history, but at first glance it was clear...she was a mess!

A very senior dog, severly obese, she could walk only a few steps at at time before collapsing. Her fur was patchy and her tail was bare. She appeared to be in shock and was not responsive in any way.She was to most eyes, a lost cause.

Marcia Livingston saw the beauty in this sad sack and patiently loved on her, fed her properly and excercized her regularly. Within months, Lady was transformed! A slender - some say svelt - lady now filled with energy, vim, vigor and decidely strong opinions

Also,as you can see, a gifted & prolific writer, she shares her considerable wisdom with us all.

Lady's library of articles:

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