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Glad to see the bill in your last edition. [CLICK HERE for referenced article]

I 100% agree it to be outrageous and a total contradiction to our main goal as animal welfare advocates.

It makes vets look like money mongers at any cost. It's disturbing something like this would ever be considered by my colleagues.

I am very pleased to see you addressed the subject to the public!! I refer people to Pet Helpers all the time. These are in general people who wouldn't have their pets spayed or neutered otherwise. I do not view this as lost income at all!! I see it as extending the lifespan of my patient and controlling pet population.

My private practice couldn't be much closer to a huge spay /neuter facility ( PH's) and not only am I in no way concerned that they are doing surgery on my patients, I am over the moon about it and have often gone there and done the surgeries myself or taken care of post op complications.

I highly recommend Drs Love and Mckim!!! I hope this bill doesn’t change general opinion of veterinarians as a whole. It is nothing short of embarrassment!! I would like the public to know not all DVM's agree with this bill. If anyone were in a situation to be affected by high volume, low cost altering it would be me and I am all for it.  PH's and I have a mutual respect and I believe what they do to be extremely important. I know not all DVM's agree but I am always there for PH's and they are always there for me. It's a wonderful relationship that others are missing out on.

Yes, DVM's need to make a living but spays and neuters should not affect those who practice medicine and non- elective surgery. I would love to ensure the public that not all vets in private practice agree with this Bill. I for one will fight it to the end!

by Dr. Jacqueline Brewer
Maybank Animal Hospital

Good morning!

We wanted to say thank you for your page, http://charlestondoggytown.com/airplanerules.html ! I'm a Girl Scout Troop leader out in Texas and my girls found your resources to be so helpful. They are utilizing the Internet to help with their animal education project for the community.

The girls wanted to pass along a resource, as a thank you:

"Auto Safety Resources: Traveling With Pets"

They were hoping that you could include this on your site! I think it's a great page filled with a lot of valuable material for pet owners.

Thank you again and we hope that you can add our newly discovered resource to your page. If you do decide to include it, please let me know...they would be delighted to see it up!

Have a great weekend!

Alyssa Britton


I  just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thank you for your webpage (http://www.charlestondoggytown.com/links.html). My name is Kristi, and I work for an after school program for middle school aged kids. One of the aides is planning to bring in her therapy dog next week to visit the kids, so I thought it would be a great idea to teach the kids a few lessons about dogs. Your webpage has some great stuff we will be able to share with the group. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help!!

Kind regards,
. Kristi R

Thanks for the article about snakes! What a great reference tool, I've been looking for something like this to have handy when we see snakes on our property. Shared the link with friends!
Carol M.

Just wanted to let you know that Joey is in a foster home.; Joey is the pit mix;carried into the Frances R Willis Shelter by Animal Control.; He had been left to die.; While he was attached to a metal pole, he was struck by lightning which affected his ability to open his mouth.; ;We found a foster home for him without other dogs and without children.; He is in a calm environment and he will be starting his heartworm treatment next week.;

Thank you for doing a feature on Joey.; You helped us get his story out to the public and we are very grateful.

Kathy Eckels
Frances R Willis Shelter, Summerville

Dear Editor at Charleston DoggyTown;
Had a note from a friend in New York yesterday. He told me about this organization he was volunteering for called PAWS. I was so impressed with what they do I wanted to share it with Charleston DoggyTown: "PAWS NY is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 that provides pet care assistance to individuals in need so that they can keep their pets and continue to benefit from the human-animal bond.

The mission of PAWS NY is to promote the general health and well-being of underserved individuals through the provision of pet care assistance.The goal is to help people live longer and healthier lives by providing pet care assistance that they struggle to provide on their own. This, in turn, allows them to keep their pets at home and out of the shelter system."

This is a win-win concept for all: elderly or infirm pet owners who needs assistance with their pets but want to keep them, as well preventing them from having to give up their pets to over populated shelters.And, the health benefits, both emotional and physical, for all involved, cannot be overestimated. We could use something like this in Charleston! But in the meantime, help someone you know who is ill or elderly with their pet. It benefits everyone: you, the dog/cat owner and the dog or cat.

M..H. Goldstein


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